When do I need to arrive for this event?

JUNE 09 Chicago, IL - 5:45pm
JUNE 10 Grand Rapids, MI - 5:45pm
JUNE 11 Hamtramck, MI - 5:45pm
JUNE 12 Cleveland, OH - 5:15pm
JUNE 13 Syracuse, NY - 5:15pm
JUNE 15 Somerville, MA - 5:45pm
JUNE 16 Albany, NY - 5:45pm
JUNE 17 Lititz, PA - 5:45pm
JUNE 18 New York, NY - 4:45pm
JUNE 20 Washington, DC - 5:15pm
JUNE 21 Virginia Beach, VA - 5:15pm
JUNE 22 Charlotte, NC - 5:15pm
JUNE 24 Tampa, FL - 5:45pm
JUNE 25 Orlando, FL - 4:45pm
JUNE 26 Atlanta, GA - 5:15pm
JUNE 28 Newport, KY - 5:15pm
JUNE 29 St Louis, MO - 5:15pm
JUNE 30 Madison, WI - 5:45pm
JULY 03 Montreal, QC - 5:45pm
JULY 04 London, ON - 5:45pm
JULY 05 Toronto, ON - 5:45pm
JULY 06 Indianapolis, IN - 5:45pm
JULY 08 Minneapolis, MN - 6:30pm
JULY 09 Omaha, NE - 5:45pm
JULY 10 Denver, CO - 5:15pm
JULY 11 Salt Lake City, UT - 5:15pm
JULY 13 Boise, ID  - 5:15pm
JULY 15 Seattle, WA - 5:45pm
JULY 16 Portland, OR - 5:45pm
JULY 18 Roseville, CA - 5:15pm
JULY 19 Fresno, CA - 5:45pm
JULY 21 San Diego, CA - 5:45pm
JULY 22 Ventura, CA - 5:45pm
JULY 23 Pomona, CA - 5:45pm
JULY 24 Mesa, AZ - 5:15pm
JULY 26 Dallas, TX - 5:15pm
JULY 27 Austin, TX - 5:15pm
JULY 29 Oklahoma City, OK - 5:45pm
JULY 30 Lawrence, KS - 5:45pm

Timing for the rest of the shows will be posted here shortly. Please check back.

Form a line at the venue’s main entrance and a representative will check you in.

Don’t be late or we cannot guarantee entry to the VIP event.

What do I need to bring with me to gain entry?

Shortly after placing your order you will receive an email receipt from us. Simply print it out or display on your phone at the show. You'll also need to bring your general admission ticket with you.

Are masks required during the VIP event?

Yes masks are required.

Is there an age limit for the event?

The event is all ages. However, some concert venues impose their own age restrictions so please check with them if you're concerned.

Can I accompany a minor to the event without buying an upgrade?

Minors under the age of 15 may be accompanied by 1 adult/guardian, however the adult/guardian must have a general admission ticket to the concert. Otherwise the concert venue will not allow entry.

Can I get a refund for my upgrade?

Due to their limited nature, all upgrades are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, you are welcome to re-sell your upgrade. Just make sure they get a copy of your vip upgrade email receipt, and that you notify us of the change at support@flysouthvip.com.

Still have questions? Contact us at support@flysouthvip.com.